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Competition is fierce amongst fuel tank manufacturers, but UK Bunded Fuel Tanks have emerged to lead the way for quality, value and service.

Fuel tank manufacturers must strive to ensure their fuel tanks are both safe and secure and it is their responsibility to check their fuel tanks conform to the latest EU regulations.

Examples of our fuel tanks:


Security is a major concern for fuel tank manufacturers. On remote sites, fuel tanks can be subject to vandalism or theft. As fuel tank manufacturers, UK Bunded Fuel Tanks aim to manufacture secure fuel tanks, that are less prone to the threat of theft and vandalism.

If you need any advice you can speak to our advisers to determine what you require from your fuel tank and learn about different specifications. If we haven’t got a suitable option within our large range of stock tanks we can custom-design and build a fuel tank tailored to your individual needs. Our tanks are constructed by experts with twenty years experience in the field, so any customer requirements can be provided for.

Whether your tank has been custom-built or is a standard tank, we can carry out the installation in accordance with all safety regulations and standards.

We have over 20 years experience in manufacturing these tanks and understand what our customers need. Please give us a call our submit our enquiry form for more information or a free quote.

Fuel Tank Manufacturers