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Why Choose a Bunded Fuel Tank? 5 Must-Know Benefits…

Why Choose a Bunded Fuel Tank? 5 Must-Know Benefits…

If you need to store fuels, chemicals and other liquids for domestic or commercial use, you’ll understand how important safety is. Traditional fuel tanks are built with a single skin design, which is fine for containing fuels but creates risks from spillages and other problems. Bunded fuel tanks create a safety margin with a second outer tank shell, carefully containing the liquids in the core tank while allowing space to contain spills and leaks.

We’ve got a fantastic range of tanks to choose from. Here’s why you should look into a bunded fuel tank today:

1. Prevent Fuel Theft

If you’re storing chemicals, fuels of fertilisers then you need to have your wits about you! In today’s day and age these materials are highly sought after by thieves, therefore it’s imperative you store your expensive fuel in a high quality, specially designed bunded fuel tank, for added security. Otherwise you could be taken to the cleaners, in more ways than one!

A bunded tank delivers dual protection against theft or tampering, with a second skin that keeps your liquids contained safely. This extra protection is not only a deterrent, but it makes sabotage or stealing much more difficult and slows down any would-be offenders, increasing the odds that your security team or the authorities will catch them.

2. Safety for you, your team and the environment

Liquid fuels are often caustic and toxic, so leaks and spills can be extremely hazardous. The second tank contains any spilled materials that could otherwise be a risk to you and your employees, and ensures that they can’t come into contact with the environment and cause any damage.

3. Full compliance with the latest storage regulations

A safe and secure site is a compliant site, and you need to be sure that your storage systems meet all required regulations. Avoid penalties and keep safe: choose a bunded tank for fuel storage, and you can successfully add risk management to any safety plans in place. Did you know we are ISO 9001 accredited? Which means we meet the global benchmark in quality management for added reassurance! Your insurance team will appreciate the choice as well – and might reward you with lower commercial premiums – so it’s a win win situation!

4. Prevent waste from leaks

A worry for every business is lost profits, and leaks and spills can be a big cause of this if you use or trade in liquid materials. Bunded tanks give you added protection against liquid wastage by containing any leaks, so that you’re not seeing your profits ebb away or losing out in material costs. Take a look at our range of bunded tanks today – you’ll soon see your purchase costs recouped in waste reduction.

5. Door options and sizes to suit any need

Loading and unloading your bunded tank couldn’t be easier, with a choice of roller and shutter doors to aid use and a fully lockable system for safety. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and styles, making on-site storage easy without creating an eyesore. There’s tanks to suit any need too, from homes and agricultural land to industrial and commercial operations. You’re sure to find a tank that serves your requirements and keeps your materials safely stored, protected against leaks and easy to access as and when you require it. Take a look at what’s available today, or speak to our specialists about your needs.

For more information or to purchase a bunded fuel tank feel free to get in touch today. Call us on 01200 400980 or head over to Twitter and get in touch.