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18,000 to 120,000 Litre Bunded Fuel Tanks

Ideal for the safe and secure storage of fuel

Our largest bunded fuel tanks, with a choice of cabinets and doors, for the safe storage of fuel.


These large capacity steel bunded fuel tanks  are available with a range of cabinets and doors and are used for the storage and dispensing of fuel in accordance with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001 and manufactured in accordance with ISO 90001:2000. Being ISO 9001 certified is an assurance to our customers that we follow a strict framework governing the manufacture of our 18,000 to 120,000 Litre bunded fuel tanks.


  • 18,000 to 120,000 Litre capacity
  • Roller or Hinged Doors
  • Small, Medium & Full End Cabinets
  • Lifting Eyes for easy transportation


Ideal for refuelling vehicles, machinery and plant equipment
For agricultural and transportation industries

Sizes Available

Tank Name Dimensions Capacity
Fuel 18L 3400 x W 2500 x H 2500mm18,000 Litre
Fuel 20L 4000 x W 2500 x H 2500mm20,000 Litre
Fuel 25L 4700 x W 2500 x H 2500mm25,000 Litre
Fuel 30L 5650 x W 2500 x H 2500mm30,000 Litre
Fuel 35L 4500 x W 3000 x H 3200mm35,000 Litre
Fuel 40L 5000 x W 3000 x H 3200mm40,000 Litre
Fuel 45L 5900 x W 3000 x H 3200mm45,000 Litre
Fuel 50L 6500 x W 3000 x H 3200mm50,000 Litre
Fuel 55L 7000 x W 3000 x H 3200mm55,000 Litre
Fuel 60L 7500 x W 3000 x H 3200mm60,000 Litre
Fuel 70L 8700 x W 3000 x H 3200mm70,000 Litre
Fuel 80L 10300 x W 3000 x H 3200mm80,000 Litre
Fuel 90L 11600 x W 3000 x H 3200mm90,000 Litre
Fuel 100L 12500 x W 3000 x H 3200mm100,000 Litre
Fuel 110L 14100 x W 3000 x H 3200mm110,000 Litre
Fuel 120L 15100 x W 3000 x H 3200mm120,000 Litre
Dimensions are not set in stone and can be altered to suit requirements.

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Available Options


We have a range of small, medium, large, double and full end cabinets available for our larger tanks with either hinged or roller doors for easy access.

For more information or for a free quote on our range of cabinets please contact UK Bunded Fuel Tanks.

Range of Fuel Pumps

Do you need a fuel pump with your 18,000 to 120,000 Litre bunded fuel tanks. Along with our fuel transportation and storage solutions, here at UK Bunded Fuel tanks we are pleased to offer a great selection of fuel pumps that allow the safe and efficient transfer of fuel from one vessel to the next.

We provide three general categories of fuel pumps – electrical fuel pumps, 4 Stroke Honda fuel pumps, and hand fuel pumps. The electrical fuel pumps are available in 12 volt and 230 volt versions.


Range of Colours

Available Colours:
RAL 6005, RAL 5003, RAL 3003, RAL 1018
John Deer Green
Black MG038

Tank Accessories

We review all bunded fuel tank accessories from a user point of view before we will agree to stock them. Our priorities are safety, efficiency and durability.

We have a wide range of fuel tank accessories available:

Flow Meters, Manual and Auto Nozzles, Content Gauges, Filters, Tank Electrics and Hoses. Partitions are also available for larger capacity tanks.

Safety Accessories

We have a wide range of safety accessories available:

Battery and Mains Bund Alarms, Manhole Covers, Ladders, Hand Rails and Balustrades.




Delivery Options

We will happily deliver your fuel tanks throughout the UK. For details of this service please give us a call on 01282 854445.

Custom Built Tanks

If you have a need for a specific bunded fuel tank design, perhaps where standard fuel tanks will not fit, we will be happy to build you a bespoke fuel tank to meet your particular needs.

Need a custom built tank?
Give us a call: 01282 854445 or get a quote:

18,000 to 120,000 Litre Bunded Fuel Tanks