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Bunded Oil Tanks

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About Our Bunded Oil Tanks

We have been producing top quality bunded oil tanks for 20 years and are now well established as a firm leader in the production of oil tanks.

As well as using the best materials, quality control tests are carried out on our entire range of bunded oil tanks at every stage of the production process. This ensures they are as safe and reliable as possible for oil storage.

Storing oil is a serious responsibility and any spillage can result in damage to the environment which can incur a large fine. Bunded oil tanks greatly reduce the chance of spillage. These tanks consist of an inner tank which holds the fuel and an outer tank that surrounds it. In the unlikely event that there should be some problem with the inner oil tank, the outer tank prevents any spillage or waste.

UK Bunded Fuel Tanks Provide Bespoke Oil Tanks

We can provide bespoke bunded oil tanks to meet your specific needs and comply with the regulations stipulated by the 2001 Control of Pollution Regulations Act. Tanks built before this date may need updating to meet the strict rules of the 2001 Act governing fuel tanks. View online previous custom bunded oil tanks

High Quality Bunded Oil Tanks

Our bunded oil tanks are amongst the best value tanks available in the UK. Because we personally manufacture our own bunded oil tanks you are dealing direct with the source, saving you money that is normally taken by the distributors. Our tanks undergo rigorous quality checks at every stage of the construction process. We combine the latest technology with industry specific expertise, to ensure each of our bunded oil tanks meet exactingly high standards.

As well as providing a great product the team at UK Bunded Fuel Tanks aim to give first class service to all our customers. Our bunded oil tanks make on site storage of oil practical, secure and most importantly, safe.

To discuss your own fuel tank requirements with our experts, feel free to call us today on 01282 854445.

Bunded Oil Tanks:

18,000 to 120,000 Litre Bunded Oil Tanks