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Bunded Tow Bowsers

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About Our Bunded Tow Bowsers

Bunded Tow Bowsers

Our site and road bunded tow bowsers are ideal for transporting fuel around and between different sites. With a capacity of up to 2140 litres our bunded tow bowsers are made from strong, durable steel and include a towing hitch, brakes, mudguards and a trailer board for road transportation.

Applications of Bunded Tow Bowsers

A road tow bowser provides an efficient and safe way to transport fuel from site to site on the open road.

There are many applications for tow bowsers and they are common place in agriculture. Fully bunded tow bowsers provide a convenient and efficient way for farmers to transport fuel around a working farm knowing it is safe and secure. The majority of our bunded tow bowsers are in stock and ready to be delivered, ensuring fast and efficient delivery.

All our bunded tow bowsers are fully compliant with the latest legislative requirements outlined in The Control of Pollution Regulations 2001 and are designed to withstand the most severe environments.

If you require something a little different just contact us and we can go through the design with you.

Bunded Tow Bowsers:

2140 Litre UN Approved Bunded Diesel Site Bowser