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Fuel Pumps

For the safe and efficient transfer of fuel from one vessel to the next


Along with our fuel transportation and storage solutions, here at UK Bunded Fuel tanks we are pleased to offer a great selection of fuel pumps that allow the safe and efficient transfer of fuel from one vessel to the next.

We provide three general categories of fuel pumps – electrical fuel pumps, 4 Stroke Honda fuel pumps, and hand fuel pumps. The electrical fuel pumps are available in 12 volt and 230 volt versions.

Our range of fuel pumps:


  • K2 Hand Pump
  • Piston Hand Pump
  • Panther 56 / 240v
  • Panther 72 / 240v
  • Panther 56 / 110v
  • 12 Volt Bi Pump (Manual)
  • 12 Volt Bi Pump (Auto)
  • 12 Volt Bi Pump (without counter)
  • 12 Volt Bi Pump (with fuel counter)
  • HONDA P/E Pump
  • HONDA P/E Pump (with fuel counter)
  • 12 Volt Pump (Budget)

Electrical fuel pumps have many advantages. The installation of electrical fuel pumps is very simple as they tend to be small and lightweight. These fuel pumps are ideal for transferring smaller quantities of fuel from fuel tanks to another vessle and have a great record for reliability.

For moving larger quantities of fuel, at a faster rate we recommend the four stroke range of Honda Fuel Pumps. As well as our fuel pumps we are able to offer a range of fuel tanks and fuel tank accessories that help to ensure safe & secure fuel transfer.

For help or advice on our range of fuel pumps please contact UK Bunded Fuel Tanks.

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Fuel Pumps