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Fuel tanks are a necessity for many homes and businesses, despite the fact that there are considerable risks associated with fuel storage, both in relation to safety and cost. For this reason, there are legal regulations in place regarding the construction, installation and maintenance of fuel tanks.

There are single skinned fuel tanks which can be used for storing very small amounts of fuel but the most reliable and secure type of tank are steel bunded fuel tanks and a good quality bunded tank can last well over a decade. A bund essentially refers to a tank within a tank, providing a double layer of protection. The advantage of these fuel tanks is that they reduce the risk of loss of fuel due to spillages or leaks.

Here at UK Bunded Fuel Tanks we have highly-qualified staff involved at every level of the company. Prospective buyers can speak to customer advisers to determine what they require from their fuel tank and learn about different specifications. In many cases, there will be a suitable option within the company’s large range of stock tanks. Alternatively, if the customer has particular requirements, we can custom-design and build a fuel tank tailored to the individual’s needs. The tanks are constructed by experts with many years experience in the field, so any customer requirements can be provided for.

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Whether the fuel tanks are custom-built or a stock product, our engineers are available to install the tank, in accordance with all safety regulations and standards. This is particularly useful for domestic clients or new business owners who may not be familiar with the process of fuel tank installation.

Our fuel tanks are sustainable and environmentally friendly, as well as being designed to withstand any weather conditions. It is important that corroded or damaged fuel tanks be replaced, but these tanks are likely to have a lifespan of at least a decade, and probably more.

From 500 litres to 120,000 litres our fuel tanks are built to last and with many in stock, this ensures fast and efficient delivery.

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