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IBC Bund Stores

The ideal storage medium for fuel drums

IBC Drum Stores

If you’re looking for the best quality IBC Bund Stores in the UK then look no further; UK Bunded Fuel Tanks now manufacture IBC drum and bund stores.

Our IBC Bund Stores are constructed to withstand the toughest of industrial environments, providing safe fuel storage. All our IBC Bund Stores are fully compliant with the very latest EU regulations.

Examples of IBC Bund Stores:


On our IBC Bund Stores, the bund, or sump is fully seam welded to ensure containment of any leak or spillage. Shelves of varying height can be requested to maximise efficient storage within your IBC Bund Store.

Not only are our IBC Bund Stores the safest way to store your fuel drums, but they are also very secure. All our IBC Bund Stores are fully lockable, with either hinged or sliding doors depending on the client’s requirements. Our IBC Bund Stores mean you can be confident your fuel is safe and secure.

Secure Fuel Drum Storage

An IBC Bund Store is the ideal storage medium for fuel drums. An IBC Bund Store will prevent spillage in case of a drum leak. The fuel is then contained preventing waste and environmental damage.

IBC Bund Stores are ideal for industrial fuel storage & a must for anyone storing fuel drums near residential buildings. We currently produce Bund Stores for the storage of one to eight drums. However, we would be happy to make IBC Fuel Stores to meet your exact requirements.

For further information on IBC Bund Stores, or any of our other products, please call 01282 854445 or simply fill in our contact form.

IBC Bund Stores