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In the same way that fuel tanks are a necessity for the haulage and marine industries, large Bunded Fuel Tanks are just as key for the same areas of the leisure and tourism industry.

These industries need the same ability to purchase fuel when prices are lower and take up offers from fuel suppliers and the other key benefits may be the ability to bring in a full tanker direct from a refinery. Their maximum capacity is often around 36,000 litres so a good 40,000 – 45,000-litre tank allows hauliers to gain from these savings. Many of the larger companies may look for capacities double that to take advantage of keen prices and bring in fuel when the cost is favourable and not just when the tank is empty.

We invariably sell these tanks with an integrated AdBlue tank meaning the driver can refuel from one pump and top up his AdBlue from another at the same time.

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