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Large Bunded Fuel Tanks

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 90001:2000

large bunded fuel tanks

Why do I need to buy a top quality large bunded fuel tank?

Anyone involved in the storing of fuel does so at considerable risk, and when large amounts are involved you need to be extra careful, so you need to know that the large bunded fuel tank that you are buying is of the highest quality.  The environmental damage caused by leaking tanks is well known; less well known however is the fact that this can lead to firms being hit in the pocket too, with heavy fines issued to anyone seen to be polluting and damaging the environment.  This is where we come in.

Why Should I Choose UK Bunded Fuel Tanks?

With 20 years experience in manufacturing large bunded fuel tanks, UK Bunded Fuel Tanks have become market leaders in the production and supply of large bunded fuel tanks throughout the UK.

We specialise in providing bunded fuel tanks, which are regarded as the safest mode of storing fuel.  This is because of their unique design, which consists of a ‘tank within a tank’.  The inner tank holds all the fuel and the outer tank that surrounds it provides a secondary level of containment that minimises the risk of leaks and fires.  This extra layer on our large bunded fuel tanks plays a vital role should the unlikely happen and the inner tank leaks. All our large bunded fuel tanks provide trustworthy secondary containment, as well as protection from fire.

We go the extra mile for our customers and can design a bespoke large bunded fuel tank to suit your exact needs.

What is the Importance of using a Quality Large Bunded Fuel Tank?

Aside from the untold health consequences to your staff of a fuel spill or leak of other hazardous material on your premises, it can also cause damage on the surrounding eco-systems, especially if the leak reaches a river or stream. Not only this, if your large bunded fuel tank fails, extensive reparative work to be carried out which can prove costly.

If your large bunded fuel tank fails then you could be putting the safety of your staff in jeopardy. It goes without saying that storing fuel can prove dangerous if not done correctly and to a high standard, so if you have to do so in your workplace, then it is essential that you keep it stored correctly and safely

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Large Bunded Fuel Tanks