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Plastic Fuel Tanks

UK Bunded Fuel Tanks have been supplying plastic fuel tanks since 1994 and are now well established in the field as industry leaders. Our plastic fuel tanks are ideal for severe environments as they are less prone to corrosion than metal fuel tanks.

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Applications of Plastic Fuel Tanks

Because the plastic fuel tanks we supply are moulded into one piece, any dangers of leaks and spillages caused by a faulty weld or seam are massively reduced.

Our plastic tanks are ideal for storage of heating oils, diesel and water.

The range of bunded plastic fuel tanks protect users and the environment from the potential hazards posed by fuel spillage. The bund is an outer tank that surrounds the fuel which is stored in an inner fuel tank. The UK legislation surrounding steel and plastic fuel tanks is set down by The Control of Pollution Regulations Act, 2001 stipulates that most fuel tanks are bunded.