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Fuel Tanks and Bowsers for Farms

Fuel Tanks and Bowsers for Farms

For industries such as farming and agriculture, quite often fuel sources are out of the way and this can take up time and resources travelling to get petrol or diesel for farm machinery. Having a fuel tank on-site means your business can be much more productive. The fuel can be brought to you and you can make great savings by storing it on-site.

Designed with security and functionality in mind

UK Bunded Fuel Tanks can manufacture storage solutions for oil, petrol or diesel, waste oil and water. These can be in the form of static fuel tanks on-site or a mobile bowser, allowing you to move your liquids freely depending on where you need it. Units are available from as little as 500 litres to 200,000 litres depending on your needs.

A bunded fuel tank is the safest way to store fuel or oil in a static place. They are designed to prevent spillages as they consist of a tank within a tank (referred to as the bund) to ensure any spillages are caught. All of our storage units are weatherproof, keeping your expensive fuel safe during harsh conditions.

Bowsers are also a convenient option for the agriculture and farming industries. A bowser allows you to store and transport liquids such as fuel or oil. Each bowser comes complete with a pump, hose and nozzle for easy extraction. Bowsers with a capacity of 1000 litres or more require an ADR licence to tow, however we supply fuel bowsers in different sizes, one of which is 940 litres, meaning you do not need a licence to tow it. This is especially useful if you’re needing to transport the fuel around a site.

All bowsers and tanks are manufactured in line with EU legislation and are designed with security and safety in mind to keep the contents safe from vandals and thieves. Over time, having fuel readily available can increase the productivity of your business and help to save you money without the effects of fluctuating fuel prices as you can refill your storage when prices are low.

Accessories are also available from UK Bunded Fuel Tanks to improve the functionality of your storage unit. These include roller shutters, alarms, pumps and more to help you get the most out of your on-site storage.

Get an installation for your farm

Our team can help you find the right storage for your business’ needs. Whether it’s a custom model or a standard bunded fuel tank that you need, we will share our knowledge and expertise to ensure your installation is right for you. If you would like more information on a custom fuel tank or bowser for your farm or agricultural business, contact UK Bunded Fuel Tanks online, or to speak to one of our experts call us directly on 01200 400980.